Would you like to cut your heating and cooling cost in half?
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Introducing Hybrid Heating & Cooling Comfort Systems. We design and install heating systems that automatically switch between fossil fuel (natural gas) & electricity to reduce your monthly heating costs. Our Hybrid Comfort Systems will allow you to do this while offering the highest level of comfort!
Our Hybrid Systems provide:
  • Improved Indoor Comfort
  • Lowest Monthly Utility Bills
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Eliminate Hot/Cold Spots
  • Remove Summer Humidity
  • Decrease Winter Dryness
  • Reduce Mold, Bacteria, etc.
What is a Hybrid System? We are actually installing two heating systems for just a little more than the price of a furnace and air conditioner. Allowing you to heat with gas or electricity; make your choice based on current utility costs

How can a Hybrid System Save Money? At 17 degrees outside, your 80% AFUE furnace will give you 80 cents of heat for every $1.00 spent. At 17 degrees outside, your heat pump will give you $2.72 of heat for every $1.00 spent. (Actual numbers will vary depending on furnace and heat pump efficiencies. Values represented are average numbers.)

How Heat Pump Works--A heat pump works much like your refrigerator. Let’s say that you move a package of bacon from the refrigerator at 38 degrees and place it in the freezer section. Your refrigerator compressor will remove heat from the bacon from 38 degrees down to 0 degrees. This heat is then transferred to your kitchen by the fans in the bottom of your refrigerator. This is why your refrigerator actually adds heat to your kitchen. Our heat pumps operate with the same principle, removing heat from the outside, and then transferring it to the inside of your home.

Comfortable Systems

Our Digital Comfort Control will operate either system at preset outdoor temperatures to insure maximum comfort while conserving fuel & saving money. The comfort controls can be programmed to bring on the fossil fuel furnace if the indoor temperature drops 1 degree or if the outdoor temperature is low enough that the heat pump can not produce enough heat to keep the home comfortable. This staging of heat will produce a constant temperature in the home with more comfort then conventional fossil fuel systems.

Reliable Systems

Heat Pump controls have been greatly improved in the past decade; we now have demand defrost controls to replace older time initiated controls. This decreases the amount of defrost and increases comfort and efficiency. Our technicians attend training classes to properly install and service this new generation heat pump.

It works in the North

Due to the cost of fuel one of the largest heat pump markets in North America is Canada. Hybrid heat pumps systems have been operating with comfort and higher efficiencies in Canadian Territories for many years