Problem with your heat?

Nothing works: Check thermostat is turned to the “heat” position. Check furnace switch, on or by the furnace. Check circuit breaker or fuse.

Pilot’s lit, blower doesn’t work: Does the fan run if put in the fan “on” position at the thermostat? If not, check and see that the switch, on or by the furnace is turned on. Make sure the blower door is on right.

Burners won’t ignite: Check if pilot is lit (if you have a standing pilot furnace). If you have a furnace with an ignitor, call us for service.

Insufficient heat: Check furnace filter or Electronic Air Cleaner, if dirty, clean or replace. Furnace may need to be cleaned, and burners may need to be adjusted.

Not heating, but everything working: Call us for service 630.668.3466. Prevent the need for emergency service calls and reduce your utility bills. Have an annual clean and check done. It will add years to the life of your equipment.