Equipment Clean, Check Maintenance, and HVAC Planned Maintenance

All HVAC equipment manufacturers recommend that you service your equipment annually to maintain its peak efficiency. By having your equipment checked at the beginning of each season you can catch little problems and repair them** before they become major repairs, save on your utility bills, reduce wear on major components and prolong the equipment's life expectancy.

Even if your heating system appears to be in good working order, it is important to have it inspected every year. Our equipment clean and check helps keep your home comfort system operating safely all year. The savings on your energy bills will often pay for the clean and check.

Fall Furnace Clean and Check

        Air filter is checked

        Adjust burner for efficiency

        Heat exchanger inspected and vacuumed

        Safety controls are checked

        Check gas safety control

        Blower motor inspected for bearing wear

        Blower wheel is inspected

        Temperatures and performance are recorded

        Thermostat is checked

        Ambient CO reading are measured

        Clean main burners

        Check fan control

        Pilot is cleaned & adjusted

        Adjust gas pressure

        Flue pipe is inspected for CO leaks

        Check complete furnace cycle

Spring Air Condioner Clean and Check

        Clean and inspect condenser

        Test evaporator coil

        Check and lubricate motors

        Check blower wheel

        Check refrigerant charge

        Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys

        Check and adjust thermostat

        Check air filter

        Inspect and test controls and safeties

        Inspect capacitors, relays, and contactors

        Check condensate drain

        Inspect unit disconnect

        Inspect wiring

        Check complete a/c cycle

        Temperature and pressures are recorded

        Check ambient CO