Problem with your air conditioner?

1. Nothing works:

Check that the thermostat is turned to the cooling position. Check the switch on or by the furnace. Make sure the blower door is on right. If you recently changed the furnace filter, make sure it is in right and not bumping the blower door. If that does not work call us for service 630.668.3466

2. Outside condensing unit not working:

Reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse. Sometimes in hot weather the electric supply can vary, which can interrupt power to the condenser. Even if the blower motor in the furnace is running you can still have a tripped breaker or blown fuse, they are usually on separate lines.

3. Unit blowing warm air:

Check and see if the outside unit is running, if no, follow step 2 above. If outside unit is running, turn off the system and call us for service 630.668.3466

4. Insufficient cooling:

Make sure the furnace blower motor is running. If no, follow step number 1 above. Check the furnace filter or electronic air cleaner, if dirty, clean or replace it. You should replace throw away filters or clean your EAC once a month. Outside unit may also need cleaning.

5. Not cooling, but everything working:

Turn off the system and call us for service 630. 668.3466. Prevent the need for emergency service and reduce your utility bills, have an annual clean and check done. It will add years to the life of your equipment.