R-22 Refrigerant is banned and you may need to act immediately to replace it in your A/C equipment.

Due to US EPA mandated reductions agreed to
in the Clean Air Act and Montreal Protocol available supplies of virgin Freon R-22 continue to constrict and
prices continue to escalate.
Government regulations have banned the use of R-22 refrigerant in new A/C equipment since 2010.

If your A/C unit was manufactured prior to 2010 it may use Freon R-22. This is important to know since periodic maintenance of your cooling unit(s) may require additional refrigerant to allow it to operate at peak efficiency. Unfortunately, as the supply and availability of R-22 declines, the prices will go up. In fact, the prices for R-22 have already increased 300% over the past few years. And the price increases will only continue as the industry moves closer to the 2020 date, when it will be illegal to produce.

We have several options to replace your home’s existing A/C equipment with new high efficiency units that use more environmentally friendly refrigerants. Trust Chappel’s to help you to make the right decision about protecting your home.

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