Treat techs like doctors, trust in education & certifications

If your HVAC system needs to be repaired, every service company in the country is willing to do the job. However, it’s important to remember that due to the sophisticated nature of Heating/Cooling equipment, and its technology, system maintenance and repairs should only be performed by a licensed technician. Hiring an unlicensed, or inexperienced company will not only impact the overall quality of your repair, it will cost you more money in the long-run, and it can also create a dangerous environment for everyone in your home.

HVAC equipment is armed with an automatic shutoff switch that’s triggered when a health or safety issue is identified, which can be anything from overheating to a dirty filter. In the event of a system shutdown, an experienced HVAC professional will be able to decipher the symptoms, read the error codes on the equipment, and get to the root of the problem. An inexperienced person may not understand what’s really causing the health or safety issues in the HVAC equipment. Due to a lack of expertise and experience, a non-certified person may find a way to bypass the shutdown but neglect to fix the actual underlying issue, which can lead to consequences like system breakdowns, fires, or even carbon monoxide emission.

When your HVAC system needs to be serviced, be sure to hire a licensed professional who will be able to offer safe, long-term solutions rather than temporary fixes. It can save you thousands of dollars, or even your life.