Where do I set my humidistat

How do I know where to set my humidistat you ask?
Proper control of the relative humidity level is key to ensuring good IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) for your home as well as protecting against moisture damage. Although a relative humidity environment of 45-50% may be desirable, setting your humidistat at that point can cause condensation on cold windows. Warm air will hold much more water than cold air. The amount of moisture the air in your home can hold is determined by the coldest surface in the home, typically the windows. Because the surface of a window is much colder than the surrounding air in the home, you can only humidify to the "Dew Point" temperature, or the temperature at which the moisture in the air condenses on the window surfaces.  

Most humidifiers have a basic humidistat that senses the humidity and turns the humidifier on and off depending on its setting. The humidistat must be set to a position where the humidifier is running. The average settings for this area are between 30-35%, but the colder it gets outside, the dryer the air, the lower the humidity setting will have to be. Adjust accordingly if you see condensation or frost on inside windows.
We have new more advanced controls to automate this process for you, but fixing the actual problem, not only will allow you to better control humidity, but will also reap energy savings that will last for the life of the home. Tightening up your home to reduce the amount of outside air leaking in will reduce the demand for humidification. Call us for unique solutions 630.668.3466.