Get Cozy In Your Sun Room

Ever wonder why your 3 seasons room is only a 3 seasons room, or your beautiful new spacious family room addition is colder than other parts of your home? Chappels through diagnostic testing will find out why and offer economical efficient solutions to providing you year round comfort!

Here's How A Whole House Diagnostic Works

A specially-trained Comfort and Indoor Air Quality Consultant will visit your home and - using advanced diagnostic instruments and testing procedures - will identify problems that affect your indoor living environment. Your consultant will then provide you with a personalized plan to solve these problems, permanently.

Air Flow Diagnosis

If your air duct system has hidden design flaws or blockages, your air flow will be restricted or unevenly distributed. This wastes your money and can make your home uncomfortable. Your consultant will conduct 'static pressure' tests - like a blood pressure check for your ducts - to reveal any hidden blockages or design problems.

Electronic Air Flow Capture Hood Test

Do you have rooms that are hard to heat or cool? There are economical solutions. Your consultant will use an air flow capture hood to measure precisely how much conditioned air is getting to those rooms (provided the supply vents are accessible). If air flow is low, the causes will be determined, and appropriate solutions will be prescribed.

See our Whole House Diagnostic Page for more information and view the video that explains the whole procedure