On the Road

Holidays cause distractions

Look out for distracted drivers and children pulling away from their parents in parking lots. People are more distracted and parking lots are busier than usual during the holidays. Remind teen drivers to be on high alert during the holidays because other people are often more distracted, and the weather can be dangerous in colder climates. Avoid distractions. You’ll be receiving more text and calls than normal, same rules apply, no text or Christmas playlist is worth the risk of taking your eyes off the road. Set your GPS to voice activated, so you can focus on driving without looking at your phone.

Seat Belts and Car Seats are mandatory

Make car restraints a rule: Every buckle, every ride, every time; whether it’s a long journey to visit friends or just heading to the mall. If you are traveling via plane, pack car seats and use them on the plane if the child cannot fit into the air plane seat properly. It will be a nice to have it with you at your destination and for transportation to and from the airport.

Unexpected chaos happens on holiday roads

Now that the car is loaded, the kids are harnessed correctly. Nothing can stop you now, right? Wrong. That’s when you hear that all too familiar kicking of back of your seat. This means “I’m bored” or “My movie is buffering.” When it happens, get off at the next exit and handle the needs of your child. You must anticipate the unanticipated. Always pre-plan to use an UBER or cab to make sure you get home safely if you plan to drink alcohol.

At the House

Remember your kids and pets when decorating

Kids are crazy, pets are curious, and both will play with the holiday decor, so prepare. Move the glass and heavy ornaments to the top of the tree. That makes room at the bottom for the ones that are safer for kids and pets.

Check the wire on the Lights

Lights are the prettiest part of holiday decor. Look at the ones on your tree and in and around your home, if they are older, check for exposed or frayed wires, or questionable socket connections.

Kill the Candles

Advent candles and other holiday candles should be a minimum of 12 inches away from anything that can ignite, and never forget to extinguish them before bed. Make a habit of placing striking materials in a safe place, out of reach place. Kids love fire, so try to avoid novelty lighters and matches.

Keep Harmful Plants Out of Reach

Plants can dapper up your holiday adorning, but some are straight up deadly. Keep those killer plants out of reach of children or pets. Many poison breeds include mistletoe, holly, Jerusalem cherries and poinsettias. In a case of an emergency, call Poison Control.

Button Batteries have hidden dangers

Always keep an eye on small pieces because of chocking, but button batteries are a whole different animal. If they are ingested, they can burn holes in the stomach and intestines. While games running on button batteries are great for older kids, they can pose a huge risk for younger, inquisitive relatives.