Energy-Efficient Building Practices Save Millions in Residential New Construction

Recently, the DOE Building Technologies Office released its Evaluation of Building America and Selected Building Energy Codes Program Activities, and it revealed four energy-efficient building practices that have contributed to millions of dollars saved in the residential new construction market:

  • Airtightness
  • Duct Tightness
  • Envelope Insulation
  • Thermal Bridging

The DOE BTO report analyzed Building America’s portfolio of airtightness, duct tightness, envelope insulation, and thermal bridging over the past ten years. DOE contributor Jack Mayernik highlights, “Findings showed that Building America’s efforts reduced America’s energy costs and improved its environmental health by a combined $875 million over the past 10 years, at a total program cost of only $162 million – a 30.2% internal rate of return on BTO’s investment.”

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