Is This a Good time to Buy a New Air Conditioner?

Buying a new HVAC system is a big decision and often accompanied by a big cost Most HVAC systems are designed to last 15-20 years and if you plan to remain in your home for that long, you will need to replace the system eventually.

So, when is the best time is to buy a HVAC system? Is it cheaper to buy at certain times of the year? What factors should you take into consideration when replacing your HVAC unit? Here are some guidelines to help you purchase a new system.

  • Buy Before Your Current HVAC Unit Dies
  • If You’re System Need Constant Repairs
  • When Renovating the Home
  • Shop for An HVAC System During the Off Season

During spring and fall, most people aren’t running their HVAC systems as often which, in turn, means HVAC companies are not as busy and are not selling as many new units. Moreover, because HVAC technicians are not that busy on service calls in the offseason, HVAC companies may also offer discounted installation rates. So, keep an eye out this spring. You could score a great deal on a new air conditioner!

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