Do UV lights for HVAC actually work?

Ultraviolet HVAC devices can be very beneficial when added to your system, most importantly killing cold and flu germs. Find out how a UV device may help your family.

Clean and Balanced Airflow

Ultraviolet technology has been utilized in air cleaners since the 90’s. UV devices were used to improve IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) in the circulatory system of a home. This is typically a misconstrued technology that homeowners rarely know is an add-on option, UV lights work to prevent microbial accumulation on filters, coils, pans, and ducts, allowing your HVAC system to stay clean and work fluidly.

UV lights eliminate contaminants that will collect on your ductwork and cause your HVAC system to overwork. Eliminating contaminants, bio-life growth, and organic materials inside your HVAC system will allow your heat exchanger and airflow to both be improved. Major benefits include reducing energy use, improving IAQ, and reducing overall maintenance for the lifetime of your equipment.

Becoming Energy Efficiency

UV devices can reduce your home’s overall energy consumption by up to 35%, which can translate to a nice savings on your energy bill. UV lighting doesn’t save energy, but it has the ability to restore the HVAC system’s performance to optimal levels, reducing overall power consumption and making it work the way it did when it was new. When you think about it, the HVAC system is accountable for most of your home’s energy consumption.

As your HVAC equipment gets older, the capacity is reduced because of buildup in the system and coils. On top of the UV light, keeping scheduled maintenance is critical to your equipment. Scheduled maintenance allows techs to address issues before they cause key issues.

Return on Investment

When you add a UV device, you’re turning your HVAC system into a cat, it will continually clean itself. Never allow anyone to install a UV device to your home’s HVAC system before your local HVAC professional does an assessment and ensures that it is a good fit. Many aspects contribute to the effectiveness of UV devices, including the intensity of UV lamps and where they are placed and, the reflectivity of nearby surfaces. Your local HVAC contractor will also have to assess the home’s humidity levels. If your home is right for UV devices, it is more than likely an investment you should consider for all the health and saving benefits.

Disease Prevention

The key advantage of having UV lights in your HVAC system is that it will reduce the spread of diseases, keeping residents from getting sick. HVAC systems circulate conditioned air through the home, but also circulate bacteria and viruses. Because UV lighting prevents buildup in the system’s coils, and ductwork, it not only improves airflow and reduces maintenance, but it also removes pathogens and microorganisms that could thrive in circulatory system of your home. Get on the phone and Chappel's to evaluate your HVAC system to provide viable UV options.

You and your family deserve to live in a healthy home.